Introduction to Microsure’s MUSA-2

The MUSA-2 is the world’s first clinically available CE-certified surgical robot for microsurgery. It is developed by a team of engineers and surgeons specialized in microsurgery, creating a solution that is compatible with current operating techniques, instruments and other OR-equipment. The flow and infrastructure of the OR remain unchanged. MUSA scales down motion seamlessly and filters out tremor to maximize and standardize your surgical performance throughout all your microsurgical procedures. You take care of the patient, MUSA takes care of you!

Increase performance

New levels of accuracy by enhanced scale of movement, tremor elimination and added dexterity


Superhuman precision and new surgical options through robotic assistance

Improve outcome

We strive to improve patients’ lives: aim for safer operations, potential faster recovery time, towards lower healthcare costs


Our mission is clear: we maximize microsurgical performance by offering superhuman precision through robotic assistance, enabling the development of new surgical treatments and improving the outcome of existing procedures, reducing healthcare costs and improving patients’ lives.

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As an international leader in robotic microsurgery, I can honestly say that this is the only platform I have ever seen that has the potential to create a paradigm shift in the field of microsurgery. The combination of low cost tech, ease of use and excellent engineering, position this device very well in the future of our field.


Microsure’s robot allows us to operate on minuscule lymph vessels and blood vessels with more ease, while getting better results for these complex and fatiguing interventions. Besides it is very convenient that, within microsurgery, we can operate on vessels of every size with this robot. Most importantly, of course, this is good news for the patients concerned.


Advances in microsurgery depend largely on technological advances. MicroSure represents such a technological advance. In our view it might well create a breakthrough in our concepts regarding microsurgery.


The development of microsurgery is largely dependent on technical advances. Currently the precision of the human hand is a limiting factor. In our view the use of robotics in microsurgery is inevitable in the future. As a microsurgeon, I would be interested to use such a robotic device in my daily practice.

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