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Your chance to work at the cutting edge


Software Engineer (Senior/Medior)

The Software Engineer role at Microsure is vital for developing our innovative microsurgical robot, ensuring improved surgical outcomes through cutting-edge technology.

Control Engineer (medior/senior)

The Control Engineer is an essential role within Microsure: Ensuring that the robot arms move quickly, reliably and with pinpoint accuracy to a desired location is the mission of the Control Team.

Quality & Regulatory Engineer

The Quality & Regulatory Engineer is an important role within Microsure to ensure that the company operates or complies with the standards, regulations, local laws, policies, and other legal requirements.

Project Engineer

As a Project Engineer at Microsure, you will step into a collaborative and forward-thinking environment. You will be the right hand to the Project Manager, contributing to the successful execution of the MUSA-3 Project.

At Microsure, we work at the leading edge of our industry.

Developing robot systems that are extending the boundaries of what’s possible in microsurgery. Helping improve the lives of patients around the world.

You will be part of a diverse, dynamic team where people with clinical, technological and commercial expertise work together to achieve our shared goals. We believe innovation is achieved in an open, cooperative environment, both within the team but also in our strategic collaborations with clinical thought leaders, industrial partners and other experts.

How we do business

We will encourage you to thrive and grow within a work culture that is ambitious but supportive. We are successful because we care about patients and listen to people who can help us improve. And that caring, listening approach also goes for how we treat each other as colleagues.

We are based in Eindhoven in the Netherlands, part of Brainport, a global hub of technological excellence, and a thriving city and region offering a superb quality of life.


If you think you can help us achieve our goals and we can help you achieve yours, get in touch with or call +31 40 231 1005. We’d love to hear from you.

Life at Microsure