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Helping microsurgeons excel

robot-assisted microsurgery


Go where no human has gone before

Although supermicrosurgeons are amongst the world’s finest surgeons, they still face human limitations when it comes to performing surgery on the smallest anatomical structures.

Our microsurgical robot enables more surgeons to comfortably perform the most challenging microsurgery. Together, we can realize our dream: to leave no patient in need of microsurgery untreated.

Learn more about MUSA-3

MUSA-3 is our newest microsurgery robot. The surgeon sits ergonomically at the console to view the screen of the digital or hybrid microscope. The joystick movements are scaled and tremor-filtered to help you improve your precision even further. MUSA’s unique instrument platform allows you to use your own microsurgical instruments with high precision and enhanced dexterity.

MUSA-3 will help high-performing surgeons go beyond their limits, so that no patient is left untreated.


Microsure's pioneering innovations in the realm of microsurgery represent a transformative leap for our field. Their unwavering commitment to precision and their groundbreaking technologies have opened new horizons for microsurgical techniques. As someone deeply involved in advancing the frontiers of microsurgery, I wholeheartedly commend Microsure's remarkable contributions, which are poised to redefine our approach to complex procedures and significantly improve patient outcomes.

Prof.dr. Peter NeliganUniversity of Washington Medical Center

As an international leader in robotic microsurgery, I can honestly say that this is one of the only platforms I have ever seen that has the potential to create a paradigm shift in the field of microsurgery. The combination of excellent engineering and ease of use position this device very well in the future or our field.

Dr. Jesse SelberSurgery Service Line Chief and Professor of Plastic Surgery - Corewell Health

MUSA allows us to operate on minuscule lymph vessels and blood vessels with more ease, while getting better results for these complex and fatiguing interventions. Besides it is very convenient that, within microsurgery, we can operate on vessels of every size with this robot. Most importantly, of course, this is good news for the patients concerned.

Dr. Shan Shan Qiu ShaoPlastic surgeon and associate professor – Maastricht UMC+

Advances in microsurgery depend largely on technological advances. Microsure represents such a technological advance. Their microsurgical robot might well create a breakthrough in our concepts regarding microsurgery.

Prof. dr. Rene van der HulstMedical director Maastricht Comprehensive Cancer Center and plastic surgeon – Maastricht UMC+

Currently the precision of the human hand is the limiting factor. The use of robotics in microsurgery is inevitable in the future. As a microsurgeon, I would be interested to use such a robotic device in my daily practice.

Prof. dr.Philippe LiverneauxChairman Orthopedic and Plastic surgery Department – Strasbourg University Hospitals

Microsure allows us to perform surgery on the smallest blood vessels, lymph vessels and nerves while using our own instruments. MUSA-2 produced encouraging results during the clinical studies. The MUSA-3 robot has the potential to break through the boundaries of what is currently possible in microsurgery

Drs. Tom van MulkenPlastic, Reconstructive and Hand surgeon – Maastricht UMC+

Microsure has the potential to create a microsurgical robot that will greatly improve the field of microsurgery. The fact that I can use my own instruments is an enormous advantage when it comes to this kind of fine surgery. MUSA-2 showed promising results in clinical practice and I look forward to working with the next generation of the robot with several new and improved features incorporated in the MUSA-3.

Dr. Maria ManiPlastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Associate professor – Uppsala University Hospital

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