Given its introduction to the clinic in 2017 and receiving CE-mark in 2019, MUSA-2 is the world’s first clinically available CE-certified robot for microsurgery. It is developed by a team of engineers and surgeons, creating a solution that is compatible with current surgical techniques, your own instruments, and other OR-equipment.  

MUSA-2 consists of a joystick table and a suspension with robotic arms, both are attached to the operating table. The MUSA-2 robot is used during open microsurgery and in combination with a conventional microscope or digital microscope of your choice. The flow and infrastructure of the OR remain unchanged.  

MUSA-2 is not available for sale.

Suspension with robotic arms

The robotic arms of MUSA-2 can be positioned anywhere above the operating table. The robotic arm movements are scaled down and potential tremor is filtered to increase precision. Operating the robotic arms works instinctively which is beneficial for the learning curve.

Joystick table

You control MUSA-2 using the joysticks. The joystick movements are scaled, and tremor is filtered to increase precision. The joystick table is attached to the side rails of the operating table and can be used in combination with, for example, an arm support for the patient.

Instrument adapters

Your own trusted top-branded needle holder and forceps can be attached to the MUSA-2 robotic arms using an instrument adapter. Our patented instrument adapters are compatible with several types of instruments for use in open microsurgery. 

Superhuman precision

Reestablish the connection between vessels or nerves as small as 0.3 mm

Increased performance

Motion scaling, tremor elimination and added dexterity for the surgeon

Small footprint

Compatible with existing microsurgical workflow, operating techniques and instruments

CE Mark for Microsure’s MUSA

Microsure’s MUSA received its CE Mark as a medical device, providing robotic assistance during open microsurgery. The CE Mark insures that our MUSA complies with the applicable EU regulations. 

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