MUSA comes with compatible software specifically designed for microsurgical applications, enabling high precision, control and stability while guaranteeing safety at all times.

Surgical Tools

MUSA is compatible with a full set of conventional microsurgical tools already present in your OR, like the fine-tipped tools series from S&T.

Surgical Microscopes

MUSA is used in combination with any preferred surgical microscope. For demanding microsurgical applications Microsure can be used with TIVATO 700, the fully integrated visualization system from ZEISS.

Superhuman dexterity

Connect vessels as small as 0.3 mm

Great technique

Scales down motion, filters out tremors

Ease of use

Workflow and infrastructure of OR remain unchanged

Surgical Microscopes

Today’s microsurgical procedures require advanced technology capable of performing complex procedures in simple, intuitive ways. For demanding microsurgical applications MUSA can be used with TIVATO 700, the fully integrated visualization system from ZEISS. It offers effortless use of advanced surgical visualization for advanced microsurgical procedures like lymphatic surgery, free flap surgery, hand surgery, and numerous other procedures.

CE Mark for Microsure’s MUSA

Microsure’s MUSA received its CE Mark as a medical device, providing robotic assistance during open microsurgery. The CE Mark insures that our MUSA complies with the applicable EU regulations. 

Lymphatic surgery

Lymphedema is a serious disorder, with limited treatment options. Microsure’s MUSA facilitates lymph nodes surgery and reconstruction of for lymphatic vessels as small as 0.3 mm in diameter. It scales down movements and filters out tremor to increase precision in this delicate supermicrosurgical procedure, as well as decreasing the challenge and complexity of these type of interventions dramatically.

Free flap surgery

Upper or lower extremity reconstruction using free flaps for various indications is common practice nowadays. MUSA provides the stability and precision to assist you while performing at your highest level, and improves accessibility to those difficult sites.

Hand surgery

MUSA can be used for delicate hand surgeries, for instance finger replantations as well as other reconstructions after complex injuries, involving blood vessels, nerve tracts and other soft tissue structures.

Other applications

In future, MUSA will enhance the number of microsurgical procedures that can be performed with robotic assistance and enable new interventions that are currently difficult to perform by hand.