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Go beyond human boundaries

Supermicrosurgeons work at the forefront of their field.

They must be able to maintain maximum focus for the time required and operate down to sub-millimeter levels. As a result, supermicrosurgery is in scarce supply and many patients can’t currently be treated. With our microsurgical robot, microsurgeons can operate even smaller anatomical structures in a more comfortable setting. Together with them, we work towards our vision to leave no patient in need of microsurgery untreated.

Deliver and continuously improve a high precision microsurgical robot

We are continuously seeking feedback to ensure we are meeting the microsurgeon’s needs. We want our robot not only to operate on the smallest anatomical structures, but also to be used in a user-friendly and comfortable way.

How we do business

We are there for microsurgeons, working day in and day out to provide you with the tools you need to achieve even higher standards. We are a strong team with diverse backgrounds, a deep level of know-how in our specialist areas and an open mindset. We carefully listen to the input and feedback of surgeons and others, so that together we can develop the best possible products. Using your insights and our ongoing research to develop innovations that will benefit supermicrosurgery even further in the future.


Maria Mani

Uppsala University Hospital

Peter Neligan

University of Washington Medical Center

Jesse Selber

MD Anderson Cancer Center

Tom van Mulken

Co-founder and plastic surgeon at Maastricht University Medical Center+

Harry Borggreve

Former Executive Vice President and ExCom member ASML

Kreske Nickelsen

Partner Kineo Finance

Caaj Greebe

General Partner at Innovation Industries

Yijun Lou

Associate Control Engineer

Wouter Schaeffer

Software Engineer

Theodosia Thomas

Associate Verification Engineer

Wilbert Versteeg

Senior Software Engineer

Thuan Nguyen

Senior Verification Engineer

Eiz Ghosn

Electronics Engineer

Furkan Keskin

Software Engineer

Tom Konert

Senior Clinical Scientist

Luuk Loeffen

Software Architect

Sjaak Deckers

Chief Executive Officer

Simone Tibollo

Electronics Engineer

Seifeddin Jenifen

Software Engineer

Erdem Cerit

Senior System Engineer

Sana Tariq

Software Engineer

Robin Brouns

Software Director

Rene Wenmekers

Q&R Director

Daniel Pijnenborg

Control Engineer

Raul Blanco

Senior Software Engineer

Piyush Alexander

Verification Engineer

Patricia Rodrigues

Verification Engineer

Pascalle Ickenroth

Associate Usability Engineer

Martijn Chatrou

Program Director

Liset Noltes

Product Marketing Manager

Lilja Siemelink

Clinical Director

Johannes Medeiros

Senior Software Engineer

Jahanzeb Tariq

Software Engineer

Hadewij van der Kooij

HR Manager

Fedi Salhi

Software Engineer

Erik-Niels Boerma

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Erfan Sheikhi

Electronics Architect

Dirk van der Walle

Mechatronics Architect

Dick Dijkkamp

Chief Technical Officer

Danka Antic

Q&R Engineer

Christiaan van Ommeren

Control Engineer

Charlotte Overwijk

Associate Mechanical Engineer

Bas Naarding

Finance Director

Anjani Tewarie

Associate Q&R Engineer

Andre Kleibeuker

System Architect

Alper Denasi

Senior Control Engineer