maximize microsurgery


Maximize microsurgical performance by offering superhuman precision through robotic assistance

Enable new, highly accurate treatment options for patients


Compatibility with existing microsurgical methods and equipment


Making high quality microsurgery available to patients worldwide


MicroSure's Motion Stabilizer is designed by and for expert microsurgeons
Quality by Precision

Microsurgery is characterized by performing surgery close to the limits of what is physically possible. The MicroSure system is designed by and for microsurgeons who want to overcome their physical limitations and enhance their performance. By improving the quality of microsurgical procedures and by making them easier to perform, we hope to increase the number of treatment options for patients. The superhuman control and precision offered by the MicroSure Stabilizer System provides better and more constant surgical outcome, and allows the development of new highly accurate surgical procedures that are currently unavailable.

  • Higher precision
  • Better stability
  • Better ergonomics
  • Easy to Use

Supported by Dutch Society for Plastic Surgery


MicroSure's team consists of leading experts in the field of microsurgery and robotic technology and experienced medical device professionals.
Carmen van Vilsteren
Carmen van Vilsteren
Tom van Mulken
Tom van Mulken
Raimondo Cau
Raimondo Cau
Ferry Schoenmakers
Ferry Schoenmakers
Software Engineer
Hülya van Os – Togayli
Hülya van Os – Togayli
QA manager
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MicroSure's Motion Stabilizer is an investigational device and is not commercially available

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