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Microsure and Olympus teamed up in the world’s first case in plastic surgery in which robotic microsurgery was combined with their newest digital exoscope.

Microsure’s MUSA and the Olympus OrbEye 3D 4K camera were used during a clinical case. With this set-up the surgeon is able to do so-called “heads up microsurgery”, which means the surgeon does not have to look through a surgical microscope’s oculars, but instead comfortably watches a 3D screen using 3D goggles. Surgeon’s ergonomics improve significantly using MUSA and an exoscope like OrbEye which has a positive impact on their performance and reduces long term physical complaints.

A big thanks to the amazing team of plastic surgeons and OR nurses of Maastricht UMC+ and Olympus OrbEye team for teaming up with us and making this happen.

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