MRE supports collaboration between Microsure and MTA


Metropolitan Region Eindhoven (MRE) provides a stimulus grant to support a new development program between Microsure and MTA. With the funding, MUSA-3, a new generation microsurgical robot will be developed where safety, usability, dexterity and ergonomics will be improved. 

We are very pleased that with the financial support from the region, our long-standing collaboration can be further intensified to get the new MUSA-3 robot another step closer to microsurgeons. 

About MTA: 

MTA has grown over the years into a specialist in the field of development and production of complex mechatronic machines and systems. MTA focuses on three specialisms: System Development, System Engineering and System Supply. Within these specialisms, MTA focuses on smart system architecture and modular design to convert high-tech issues into a cost-efficient mechatronic solution that can be used flexibly in the customer’s process. 

MTA works according to the unique V² model, in which product development runs synchronously with production development. Connection and cooperation, between competencies and in the chain, are the basis for being able to deliver our added value. 

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About Metropolitan Region Eindhoven: 

The City region Eindhoven traditionally has been a region of innovative hardworking and future-oriented people. Today, developments follow each other rapidly and tomorrow’s future is different from today’s. Therefore 21 municipalities work together in the Metropolitan Region Eindhoven. The Metropolitan Region Eindhoven is a lively collaboration and we work closely with various partners. Together we meet the challenges of the future and lay out a common strategy when it comes to economics, spatial development and mobility. 

The cooperation between the 21 municipalities in the Metropolitan Region Eindhoven has the purpose of realizing the ambition to rank among the top 5 in Europe and the top 10 in the world when it comes to economic strength and growth. In addition to a strong economic climate, we also work on an excellent climate for establishing a business and enjoying a pleasant living environment. A region where it is good to work, reside and live.