Why robot-assisted microsurgery for surgeons?

Here at Microsure we understand your daily workload. We combine research, experience and skills of surgeons with the precision of technology. We create the ergonomics and stability of MUSA, providing you with more surgical options as well as opening up possibilities for new interventions that are currently impossible to perform by hand.

MUSA is intuitive in use; surgical technique and patient accessibility are identical to conventional microsurgery, using your own instruments and microscope. MUSA’s small footprint allows you to keep working closely with your assistant and OR staff, seated directly next to the patient. You control MUSA via joysticks integrated into the operating table, directly copying and stabilizing your movements in real-time to the instruments connected to the device.

MUSA enables higher precision, constant quality independent of interoperator differences as well as safer operations and faster recovery for your patients. It also allows better posture, solving issues related to accessibility and fatigue.

Microsurgical perfection

Microsurgery is characterized by performing surgery close to the limits of what is physically possible. The MicroSure system is designed by and for microsurgeons who want to overcome their physical limitations and enhance their performance. By improving the quality of microsurgical procedures and by making them easier to perform, we hope to increase the number of treatment options for patients.

MUSA is specialized in

Lymphatic surgery

Lymphedema is a serious disorder, with limited treatment options. Microsure’s MUSA enables lymph nodes restoration for lymphatic vessels as small as 0.3 mm in diameter, scaling down movements and filtering out tremor to increase precision in this delicate supermicrosurgical procedure.

Free flap surgery

Upper or lower extremity reconstruction using free flaps for various indications is common practice nowadays. MUSA provides the stability and precision to assist you while performing at your highest level, and improves accessibility to those difficult sites.

Hand surgery

MUSA can be used for delicate hand surgeries, for instance finger replantations as well as other reconstructions after complex injuries, involving blood vessels, nerve tracts and other soft tissue structures.

Other applications

In future, MUSA will enhance the number of microsurgical procedures that can be performed with robotic assistance and enable new interventions that are currently difficult to perform by hand.